Many thanks go to colleagues who contributed directly to PHOIBLE's development: Stefanie Bäurle, Morgana Davids, Scott Drellishak, David Ellison, Patrick Haller, Richard John Harvey, Kelley Kilanski, Michael McAuliffe, Kevin Pittman, Brandon Plasters, Caroline Remensberger, Cameron Rule, Daniel Smith, Alec Sugar and Daniel Veja. Thanks to Marilyn Vihman for providing the Stanford Phonology Archive data and to Ian Maddieson for making the UPSID data openly available. Tristan Purvis and Christopher Green were integral in curating many of the phoneme inventories from African languages. And Lev Michael and Will Chang graciously provided access to data on South American languages.

Special thanks to Emily Bender, Balthasar Bickel, Bernard Comrie, Michael Cysouw, Robert Forkel and Martin Haspelmath.

The development of PHOIBLE was partially funded in 2009 by the Royalty Research Fund at the University of Washington in Seattle. The electronic resource is published by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.